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NLP™ Training in Malta

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner
Jan 14th - 22nd, 2017 - Malta, Europe

YOU'LL BE YOUR BEST YET! Here's what you'll experience for yourself after completing NLP certification training with us...

  • Vastly improved personal relationships
  • Magical ability to change how you think and feel at will
  • Mastery of your use of time
  • Infinitely improved goal achievability
  • Hugely successful use of strategies for any end
  • An Enormous increase in your personal potential
  • Extremely clear use of your language
  • Immeasurable amounts of happiness
  • Amazing ability to help others in any situation like never before
Being Conducted at The University Residence Malta
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Watch Video Testimonials

Professionally certified NLP™ trainers...

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    Intl. Certified NLP™ Trainer & NLP™ Master Practitioner, Jackey can be exceptionally funny to illustrate her point while she artfully uses NLP™ to teach NLP™. She has outstanding ethics and is also exquisite in her practice and training of the skills of NLP. You won't simply learn about NLP you'll experience it!

    Jackey Backman, Certified NLP™ Trainer & Master Prac.

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    Intl. High Performance Mind Coach and NLP™ Master Practitioner, Joseph is one of the most highly skilled NLP™ Master Practitoners you'll ever meet. He uses his NLP™ awareness during the training to exemplify Jackey's teachings and assist you toward your goal of learning the skills of NLP™.

    Joseph Takuski, Certified NLP™ Master Practitioner

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What is NLP™ training?

Discover the most cutting edge, advanced techniques for creating massive, rapid and lasting behavioural change in yourself and others.

Neuro Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™) teaches you the skills of accelerated human transformation, modelled directly from the masters. It gives you the tools to eliminate self doubt and eradicate barriers to success.

With the skills you'll acquire you can coach and lead yourself and others to produce exceptional results in the shortest time possible by harnessing the power of the "unconscious mind".

You'll learn to empower clients, colleagues, family and yourself to "break through" unconscious behavioural patterns and achieve outstanding results in health, wealth and relationships.

What People Are Saying...

"Since you are thinking about getting          
to know more about NLP... I can honestly          
recommend Jackey Backman as Your Trainer...        
Her humour, dedication and deep interest in the                 human potential, blows your mind... Only to bring it         
back in a new way taking in the world and the        
people in it... A journey with Jackey equals           
FUN - Lots of it!"        

Lotta Malmberg -
Life Coach & Certified NLP Practitioner

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